Luxembourg is a land of science

Artificial intelligence, biomedical and materials sciences, mathematics... The science community in Luxembourg is constantly bubbling up with new ideas! But who really knows what scientists are searching for, what their daily lives look like and where to find them?
Twenty-two PhD candidates of the University of Luxembourg have joined forces to help future generations picture the opportunities brought by science.
These students from the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (DSSE) are going beyond their daily research tasks by learning to communicate on difficult topics. They’re sharing their enthusiasm by helping script the following seven illustrated tales. We hope these seven ”reflections of science” will help ensure a bright future for science in Luxembourg!

Here is the first of seven comics entitled:

Number theory in the past, present and future

About the authors:

"We are Daniel Mamo, Emiliano Torti, Filippo Mazzoli, and Sebastiano Tronto. We are PhD students in Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg. Three of us work in number theory, and for our comic we have chosen to describe our “everyday life” as mathematics students by talking about a famous result in this area: Fermat’s last theorem. Our main intention is to transmit our fascination for challenging mathematical questions like this, which is one of the main reasons that led us to continue our academic career. The characters are fictional, but the senior member is inspired by one of our Professors, Antonella Perucca from the Mathematics Research Unit."

Illustrator: Mathieu Ughetti

Here you can download the PDF file of this comic.

You can download all seven comics on:

This project was realized with the help of: 

  • Serge Haan, Dov Gabbay, Leon van der Torre, Antonella Perucca, Nicole Paschek and Hugo Parlier (University of Luxembourg)
  • Nathalie Valle & Patrick Choquet (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Francisco Azuaje (Luxembourg Institute of Health)


  • All the members of the groups listed above
  • Bruno Teheux and Oliver Glassl (University of Luxembourg)
  • Charles Leveugle (Agence 9 - Une bulle en plus)

Drawings and design: 

  • Agence 9 - Une bulle en plus -


Author: Bruno Teheux (Université du Luxembourg)
Edition: Michelle Schaltz (FNR)


What is DESCOM?

DESCOM (Doctoral Education in Science Communication) is a FNR-funded science communication project that aims at supporting interactions between academia and the public. For this purpose, a team of dedicated people within DESCOM not only promotes and organises outreach activities, like the science comics above. DESCOM also provides formal science communication training for doctoral candidates of Luxembourg in the form of a science communication course as well as science communication internships at one of the several partners of DESCOM (source:

For more information, please visit

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