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2021 national "Jonk Fuerscher" contest.

The Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg (FJSL) is proud to present its latest activity. Science: next is an extracurricular training programme that takes place throughout the school year and offers budding scientists the opportunity to acquire specific skills in the field of scientific research.

The FJSL was able to design a syllabus that guides its participants from the idea of a scientific project through the formulation of a research question to its execution and eventually its public presentation. In addition, they can exchange ideas with like-minded people, all through joining a unique and unprecedented platform in the Grand Duchy.

Science: next is composed of four mandatory and one optional training, two conferences and two roundtables. It is free of charge and aimed at young people and science enthusiasts between the ages of 11-21, wether they have already committed to participate in the National Jonk Fuerscher Contest or are still undecided.

Monday, 13 September also marks the opening of the pre-registrations for the 51st National Jonk Fuerscher Contest and the launch of the new website of the FJSL. The 2022 edition will be held on March 18-20, ending with an open house on its last day, where all projects will be exhibited by their creators, followed by the traditional award ceremony (all within the scope of possibilities of the Covid-19 regulations prevalent at the time).

Science: next

“We are extremely grateful for the great dedication of the FJSL’s partners - all professionals from different fields of expertise - as well as the vocational training department of the Ministry of Education, in the realisation of Science: next. And we hope to continue to get partners on board in the long run. We are convinced that Science: next provides young students with the methods and tools that will be of great use to them - both during their potential participation in the National Jonk Fuerscher Contest, but also far beyond”, so Sousana Eang, director of the FJSL.

For more information and to register for « Science: next » and the national contest 'Jonk Fuerscher', or just to explore the new website, visit www.fjsl.lu and follow the FJSL via their social media chanlles @fjs.lux.

Author: FJSL
Editor: Melanie Reuter (FNR)

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