University of Luxemburg - Department of Mathematics

Mathematics are the language of science: it is everywhere. In a society that is increasingly dominated by quantitative reasoning, it gives you a powerful lens to view the world. The development of mathematics is more than just useful: it is a collaborative human endeavor full of beauty and creativity. 


This short film, initiated by two professors at the department of mathematics (DMATH) of the university of Luxemburg, Hugo Parlier and Bruno Teheux, aims to capture the creative and collaborative nature of mathematics. One of the key ideas behind the movie was to gather images highlighting the diversity of mathematics and mathematicians present in Luxembourg while showcasing the department’s extraordinary international network.


The department of mathematics (DMATH) of the University of Luxembourg has established itself as a world class research department. In addition to its essential research and teaching missions, DMATH has been developing a multifaceted outreach program to share the beauty and importance of mathematics with society at large.


Authors: Bruno Teheux, Hugo Parlier (University of Luxembourg) 
Editors: Lucie Zeches, Michèle Weber (FNR) 


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