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Some impressions of last year's Goodyear STEM Student Challenge.

You and your classmates are defied to create a clever machine intentionally designed to virtually spread a meaningful message onto a large Kniwwelino LED wall in an indirect and overcomplicated fashion. The wall will be installed at LIST in Esch/Belval. The principles to be applied should rely on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The best teams will be rewarded with attractive prizes!

COVID-19 Impact

The rules for this 3rd edition of the Goodyear STEM Student Challenge take into account all the recommendations with regard to the current COVID-19 situation.

Thus, the different team members are meant to only virtually interact, and no direct contact between team members and/or real-life gatherings are required.

In addition, all participants must respect all current and future recommendations and regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic at all times. Any infringement will result in the immediate disqualification of the concerned team, and the exclusion from this Challenge.

Who can participate?

All high school students grades 7e to 2e (category B) can participate. Each team should be composed of max. 4 students of the same high school. The team members can arise from different school classes. Every team is to be supported by one teacher. Every high school can register more than one team.

What is expected?

After successful registration, the teams are meant to accomplish following tasks prior to 4th June 2021:

  • develop and build their own themed machine (each team member is to design and build one part of the machine at his/her home; the different machine entities are to virtually interact through Kniwwelino units which will be provided by LIST and Digital Luxembourg);
  • write a report explaining the operation of their machine;
  • record videos explaining the machine and showcasing it in full action.

How will the machines be judged and rated?

Entries will be judged by a panel of representatives from Goodyear and other industry and science organizations. Points are accumulated or deducted based on

  • creativity and WOW factor of the machine;
  • various required and optional tasks to be accomplished;
  • the written report;
  • the videos & associated online voting.

The final winners of this 3rd edition of the Goodyear STEM Student Challenge will finally be announced at the end of a Live-Demo event (virtual or in real in one of the participating high schools) early July 2021.

You want to participate?

Registration forms as well as additional information on the Challenge can be requested by sending an email to: LuxStemChallenge@goodyear.com

Important: the deadline for team registration is February 5, 2021!


For your inspiration: a few photos below and the video of the 1st Goodyear STEM Student Challenge edition can be found under this link: https://www.science.lu/fr/how-innovative-are-you/goodyear-stem-student-challenge-2nd-edition.

Author: Laurent Poorters (Goodyear)
Photos: © Goodyear

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