What is "Science: next"?

"Science: next" is an extracurricular training program offering budding scientists the skills useful for the preparation for the national Jonk Fuerscher competition and entry into postgraduate studies. "Science: next" also provides a chance to attend scientific workshops conducted by experienced professionals, such as data collection with Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST) or environmental conservation techniques with the “Centre nature et forêt Mirador” team. 

The program consists of six educational training sessions and a conference at the Capucin Theatre. Here is an overview of the proposed training (the program is subject to change):

“The first season of our Science: next program was successful with 126 in-person and 270 online participants. This strong attendance confirms our strategy of listening to and supporting our young scientists and the Luxembourgish public by formulating a balanced program between aiding in the conceptualizing, preparation, and presentation of a research project, various practical seminars hosted by scientific researchers, and exciting theme-specific conferences. Building on this experience, we want to strengthen the existing collaborations of our popular workshops and offer new lectures to an even wider audience thanks to a new partnership with the city of Luxembourg Theater”, says Sousana Eang, Director of the FJSL.

Who can participate?

The program is free of charge and is aimed at young people and science enthusiasts between the ages of 11 and 21, whether they have already signed up for the Jonk Fuerscher National Competition or are still undecided.


October 2022 also marks the opening of the 12th edition of Expo-sciences Luxembourg. These open days will be held over the weekend of the 8th and 9th, during which all the projects will be exhibited by their creators from all over the world, ending with a traditional award ceremony.

For more information visit and follow the FJSL via their social media channels @fjs.lux.

Author: FJSL
Editor: Melanie Reuter (FNR)

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