The Luxembourg Space Agency is an important step for the country’s future as a space leader.

The ambition is to attract businesses, to develop human resources, to provide innovative financial solutions and to support educational and research infrastructure.

Under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy, the agency is partnering with leading national academic, research and business organisations and communities as well as other public institutions within Luxembourg’s extensive ecosystem of public- and private-sector stakeholders.

To fund space innovation, the Luxembourg Space Agency is establishing with other partners a venture capital vehicle to be established as a reserved alternative investment fund, with financial backing from the public sector as well as private investors. The Luxembourg Space Fund targets an initial 100 million EUR in capital, its goal is to provide equity funding for new space companies with ground-breaking ideas and technology.

Space industry in Luxembourg

For more than three decades, Luxembourg has been at the forefront of commercial and co-operative initiatives that have shaped a vibrant space economy. Its greatest success has been the creation in 1985 of the government-supported SES (Société Européenne des Satellites), today the world’s largest commercial satellite operator. Further space-related services and businesses have developed alongside SES, and today commercial space activity accounts for nearly 2% of GDP, among the highest ratios in Europe.

In 2005, Luxembourg joined the European Space Agency (ESA) as a full member, laying the foundation for participation by the Grand Duchy’s companies in ESA R&D programmes and space exploration projects. The most recent step by the Ministry of the Economy was the launch in 2016 of the initiative, positioning the country as a pioneer in the exploration and utilisation of space resources as a step toward the in-space economy of the future.

Etienne Schneider

Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Étienne Schneider, says: “Building on Luxembourg’s longstanding support for the space industry through a combination of policy, programmes and funding, the agency will further encourage 2 innovation-driven space entrepreneurship and promote this country as Europe’s platform for commercial space development and a home for cutting-edge industries. Luxembourg is ready to welcome, support and assist the development of space industry players that can move forward together.”

SES President and CEO Steve Collar adds: “The Grand Duchy has a proud history in space. The Luxembourg Space Agency is an important step for the country’s future as a space leader. Harnessing the country’s investment culture and educational resources is helping to drive our business and put Luxembourg in the forefront as a spacefaring nation.”

The launch of the Luxembourg Space Agency does not mean that the collaboration with ESA will stop. ESA Director General Jan Wörner says: “I congratulate Luxembourg on this very important step in its space history. With its wide range of services and expertise, ESA is continuing its strong co-operation with the Grand Duchy. Collaboration between the Luxembourg Space Agency and ESA can be a very good opportunity for Europe by pooling our capabilities in a network of space agencies that embodies the European ideal in space.”

Author : Ministry of the Economy
Photo : Ministry of the Economy

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