LuxDoc a.s.b.l. proudly presents its third Science Slam on Wednesday, October 1st 2014 at 7 PM at the “Casino, forum d’art contemporain” in Luxembourg-City.

Science what? Science Slam! The contestants will present their research topics in exotic and exciting ways in a manner understandable to the general public.

Each artist has ten minutes and not a second more! Slammers select their own performance methods. Sing, shout, rap or dance – just do what it takes to make science sexy and attractive and become the hottest Science Slam scientist! English, French, German and Luxembourgish are all accepted and if you can manage without language, you are encouraged to do so as well!

So for all PhD candidates and young upcoming researchers related to Luxembourg: Be brave and come slamming – we want YOU! Hurry up and reserve your place in the line-up at

For the audience, no reservation is necessary – first come, first served.

Anyone looking for a challenge - either as a contestant aiming to be the star of the night or as a guest by getting his or her mind shaken up – should not miss this great event!



8 Euro

Free admission for LuxDoc members

More information:

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