There’s a legend about a place… a secret and mysterious place. A place between science and fiction… where you can meet Frankenstein and other mysterious scientists…

Curious? Eager to discover science during a special and slightly offbeat evening? On Friday 29 November at 19h00 at House 17 in Luxembourg City? Then subscribe to the event and join other curious people and scientists by answering the following questions and send the answers to (before November 21; the places are limited, first come first serve):

Question 1

Along with the novelists H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, this Luxembourg-born publisher is sometimes called "The Father of Science Fiction". What is the name of this Luxembourgish-American inventor, publisher and editor?

a) Edward Steichen 

b) Hugo Gernsback

c) George Orwell

Question 2

How did Professor Frankenstein awaken his creature?


a) He gave it a slice of bread with cooked cheese (Kachkéis).

b) He applied high electrical voltage.

c) He used a CRISPR gene editing DIY kit.


Send your answers to! 

Practical info:

  • If you have given the right answer to both questions, we will get back to you to confirm your registration, and you will be invited to the event! We will then also send you all the relevant information regarding the venue and access.
  • Food and drinks will be served for free.
  • The evening starts at 7 p.m. and lasts until around midnight.

The evening is organised by the Luxembourg National Research Fund in the framework of its 20th anniversary.

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